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LeaseSouth is a financial services provider in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Since 1995, LeaseSouth has worked with small businesses, assisting them with their financing needs. Our experience come from many years in the traditional commercial lending environment, yet we believed in a better way. We opened LeaseSouth to provide a flexible financing option that offered more benefits to local businesses.

Our approach is simple. Understand the overall financial environment of the business and understand the reasons for financing. Then recommend a tailored, plausible solution for your organization.?


Why Lease?

LeaseSouth offers one of the fastest growing ways to finance equipment and capital growth. It’s called leasing and it can offer significant tax advantages in comparison to traditional bank financing.?

Companies that use leasing range from the Fortune 500 to the local, small family owned business. Leasing can help your company’s financial picture by matching the terms of the lease with the useful life of the equipment, and by providing 100% financing , can help preserve “on-hand” cash which enhances your company’s financial cash position. Business 101 – Lease assets that depreciate and buy assets that appreciate.?

Leasing Advantages

  • Up to 100% Financing Plus Soft Cost
  • Conserves Valuable Credit & Capital
  • Tax Savings over Traditional Bank Loans
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Guard Against Obsolescence
  • Overcome Budget Limitations
  • Maintain A Competitive Edge With New Equipment
  • Simplify Accounting
  • Fixed Payments
  • Protects Current Bank Lines?
  • “LeaseSouth has been providing Crystal Mountain Water with the ability to grow and succeed through specialized leasing options for more than twenty-five years.  Their timely financial opportunities have made doing business with them efficient and cost effective. 

     Our business has experienced a lot of growth during that time and LeaseSouth has always worked closely with us to ensure we had whatever we needed to facilitate our growth and profitability.  

    I would recommend LeaseSouth to any business looking for not just a lender, but a partner to help their business grow.  Great Business!!, Great Partner!! Great Staff!!”

    Terry and Nina Roberts
    The Roberts Group Inc.
  • “My company, Hometown Lenders, Inc has been doing business with LeaseSouth for 20 years. Hometown Lenders has been able to grow our footprint and our overall volume numbers by in large with the assistance of LeaseSouth. They have provided us with leases on new computer equipment, software, and investment purchases with a seamless business process. Tommy Morson and his folks are available to talk to at all hours and even on the weekends. They always welcome referrals from our company and treat those folks with the same customer service as we have been used to for 20 years. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great business partner to assist with lease/loan requests.”

    Billy Taylor
    Hometown Lenders, Inc.
  • The Center of Imaging Excellence

    “LeaseSouth Inc. has been instrumental in helping my business move forward and be successful in today’s economic climate. I have been in business since March of 2005 and have worked with LeasesSouth from the beginning. They are always there with the answers to my questions and are very professional and courteous to me as a client. I would highly recommend LeaseSouth to any business owner who is looking for a great leasing company to work with. LeaseSouth gets my vote every time!”

    Bart Medlen

Office Location & Contact Information

300 Clinton Avenue West. Suite #1

Huntsville, AL 35801


Phone: (256) 539-3311

Fax: (256) 539-1618

The Bottom Line

You can save a lot of time and effort by letting Lease South work for you. The Result is less headaches and more profit for your business. Let us present a quote on your business equipment needs today!?

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